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What is Hair Reduction?

Remove the unwanted HAIR and feel free to adore yourself!

A non-surgical process to give you the silky smooth skin you always wanted is this hair reduction procedure. It helps to remove the unwanted hair from your skin painlessly with the help of laser beam of low energy. Although it depends on the type of skin that how long it is going to take to permanently remove the hair. At Refine Aesthetics we use the finest technology to give you an enhanced service with US FDA approved laser technology that has 100% guarantee of no side effects.

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Hassled with messy body hair growth? Not anymore! Refine Aesthetic Clinic is the proud owner of the most advanced solution for permanent hair reduction. Sopranoice Platinum comes with the innovative technology that combines 3 wavelengths in one applicator. The trio clustered diode technology of the machine comes with a proven safety record and provides effective results for all skin types including dark and tanned skin.

People can now bid farewell to unwanted body hair and say hello to feather smooth skin with minimal downtime. With Sopranoice Platinum patients can return to their normal routine including work out in almost no time. Take a break from those nagging waxing schedules and say adios to unwelcome body hair with the power of 3.

Whether fine or coarse hair, Sopranoice Platinum gives you a chance to get rid of them permanently through virtually painless sessions which give a massage like sensation.

Why you need hair reduction?

Possess a skin

as soft as a


Regain the


like never


Dress and look

the way you


Hair removal will be

hassle-free &



of Hair Reduction Procedure

  • The procedure is virtually painless
  • Targets 3 main structure of the hair follicles at 3 different depths within the skin
  • Quick and safe procedure with no downtime
  • Perfect for any area of the body
  • For all skin tones and hair types

Navpreet Kaur

Femina Miss India 2016 Finalist

The product 'Sporano Ice Platinum' is more than amazing. I don't to mess anymore hair removing techniques now, coming to Refine Aesthetic Clinic has sorted me for life & most of all, hygiene is maintained as a top priority.
Thank you for all.

Dr. Prerna Mittal

M.Ch in Plastic Surgery from CMCH Ludhiana in 2012

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Prerna Mittal, the owner of Refine Aesthetic Clinic, is a renowned cosmetic surgeon who has been providing state of the art cosmetic surgery with the use of modern technologies. Dr. Prerna Mittal with prior experience knows how to address the patient’s needs. The Clinic is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, and specializes in all modern day plastic surgery treatments under the ardent supervision of Dr. Prerna Mittal. She has attended plastic surgery workshops and conferences held nationally and internationally. Dr. Prerna Mittal has received commendation as a speaker at the conferences and for her scientific posters.

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